Namy Ceramics
Few Words About Us

Namy Ceramics has steadily climbed up the ladder to being India’s foremost Ceramic supplier. As a brand, Namy Ceramics has earned the trust of thousands of domestic customers along with earning a loyal clientele in the international market.

Known for our product’s ingenuity and quality, the brand has constantly thrived on pushing the limits and coming up with the greatest of solutions for the growing demand. We have been able to set benchmarks in the industry with innovations for superior ceramic surface solutions.

Our quality and visions are ably supported by a state-of-the-art facility, the most skilled workforce in the industry, our partners, and the end-users. Our customer-centric approach to business has been a major aspect of our success across the globe; a feat that we have achieved in the shortest amount of time.

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Why Namy Ceramic ?
Best Quality

Our uniquely crafted ceramic surfaces are enhanced above their innate qualities – an enterprise we strive to keep up to stay at the top.


Our ceramic products have a unique appeal that has been amplified by our resourcefulness and ingenuity.


We are never short of novel ideas to improve our ceramic surfaces and act on them, something that we are renowned for in the industry.

Exporting Our Products To More Then 45 Countries
On the path of global domination in the luxury slab sector, Namy Ceramics serves as an example with the most extensive export network with worldwide export to more than 45 countries. The substantial export is the result of the ever-increasing demand for the premium and magnificent products Namy Ceramics offers.

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